ErgoFOCUS Plus System

The Lentitech Technologies ErgoFocus Plus System allows fast and accurate measurement of the EYE'S CENTER OF ROTATION

The system that opticians have been waiting for for many years.

Do you feel frustration and insecurity when using the centering systems provided by large manufacturers? Do you want to stop taking measurements manually because you know it doesn’t look good and it’s not accurate either?

What until now seemed like a dream has become
a reality. Inaccurate measurements are now a thing of the past.

The ErgoFOCUS Plus is the first device based on “Inertial Measurements” that allows you to accurately and quickly measure all of this:

And this is just the beginning. New applications will soon be released that you will be able to use with the same “All in One” device.

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It's not Science Fiction!

Now imagine how your life in optics would be improved if you could have a centering system if you could have a centering system valid for all types of lenses, with maximum precision and almost as fast as the blink of an eye.

Thanks to ErgoFOCUS Plus, you will gain more loyal and satisfied customers, minimize mismatches and significantly improve the profitability and sustainability of your optical business. significantly improve the profitability and sustainability of your optical business.

Lentitech Technologies lo ha logrado tras más de dos años trabajando en este sistema revolucionario (inversión ya realizada de un millón y medio de euros y 600 mil adicionales en los próximos meses), donde también ha colaborado puntualmente laUniversidad de Zaragoza.

Why is it so important to measure the actual ocular center of rotation for lens design?

Accurate measurement of the ocular center of rotation is essential for designing customized progressive lenses and customized high prescription single vision lenses in a REAL way.

The exact location of their position allows the development of lenses with fewer aberrations and a larger field of vision, sharper vision in all gaze positions and provides significant improvements to both single vision and progressive lenses.

Until ErgoFOCUS Plus, ophthalmic lens manufacturers calculated it in an approximate theoretical way.

With the innovative ErgoFOCUS Plus System, it is now very easy to take this measurement conveniently, quickly and reliably.

Midiendo con ErgoECR

La Solución "All in One": ErgoFOCUS Plus System "Rápido y Preciso" que mide:

Benefits of the ErgoFOCUS Plus system

Unique in the world

Patented system for calculating the center of ocular rotation, designed in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

Data always secure

The device incorporates a Bluetooth connection that transfers encrypted data to our APP for processing and sending to the manufacturer's server.

Maximum REAL customization

Lenses with maximum TRUE customization. A Fast, Exclusive and Accurate "All In One" system for incredible visual results.

Upcoming launch of ErgoFOCUS Plus
Do you want to be notified before anyone else?

Thanks to point-to-point (freeform) milling technology, it is possible to design customized lenses (single and multifocal) with maximum visual field, but to do so it is necessary to know the distance of the lens from the eye’s center of rotation.
With the innovative ErgoFOCUS Plus system, it is now very easy to take this measurement conveniently, quickly and reliably.


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Lentitech received European funding.
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 866646.
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