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Houston, we have a problem

Lens centration systems based on image (photo or video) and/or pupillary axis are not reliable.
After performing a complete visual examination and prescribing the most appropriate lens, we failed in a critical process... taking measurements.

Why are they unreliable?

The pupillary axis is not the functional axis of vision. We start from the wrong data (sometimes several millimeters). The Ergofocus and Ergofocus Plus System allows measuring the visual axis and near vision with total precision.

To calculate the INSET, the distance and near visual axis must be measured. Theoretical calculations assign a value of 2.5, which is generally not met. The Ergofocus System calculates the customized INSET individually for each eye.

The exact position of the eye’s center of rotation is a key input for designing field-optimized lenses. The ErgoFocus Plus System from Lentitech Technologies allows you to measure it quickly and accurately.

Manual systems, as well as ophthalmic lens laboratory centering devices, do not provide consistent or repeatable measurements. They do not measure the visual axis, the INSET or the eye’s center of rotation. The Ergofocus System and Ergofocus Plus solve this problem and achieve repeatability with a maximum error margin of 0.2 mm.

Lentitech Technologies has developed advanced measurement solutions based on visual axis and ocular center of rotation.

Why are you interested in accurately measuring visual axis and eye's center of rotation?

What is the visual axis?

What is the center of the eye's center of rotation?

ErgoFocus Plus System

Thanks to point-to-point (freeform) milling technology, it is possible to design customized lenses (single vision and multifocal with maximum field of view). For this purpose, the exact distance from the lens to the eye's center of rotation (horizontal and vertical) must be known. With the innovative ErgoFocus Plus System, it is now very easy to take this measurement conveniently, quickly and reliably.

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Lentitech Technologies receives the BK enpreSariak 2023 Industrial Innovation Award

At Lentitech Technologies we are in luck. We have just been awarded the BK enpreSariak 2023 Award for Industrial Innovation, a recognition granted by the City Council of Barakaldo through Inguralde, the Development Agency of this Biscayan municipality specialized in promoting employment, entrepreneurship and innovation, in addition to supporting local companies to promote their growth

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articulo científico ergofocus revista nature

Study published in Nature Magazine confirms benefits of Ergofocus System

The scientific article has been published on July 12, 2023 in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” and the study confirms that the visual satisfaction of users who have used the centering system is higher than the visual satisfaction of those who have used the system. Ergofocus based on the visual axis and customized Inset measurement,

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