Study published in Nature Magazine confirms benefits of Ergofocus System

The scientific article has been published on July 12, 2023 in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” and the study confirms that the visual satisfaction of users who have used the centering system is higher than the visual satisfaction of those who have used the system. Ergofocus based on the visual axis and customized Inset measurement, is much better than with traditional systems based on images and interpupillary distances.

Visual satisfaction with progressive lenses after using visual axis-based centering systems.

The results are spectacular in terms of both user satisfaction and reduction in the number of maladaptations.

Even quite a few cases that had not previously adapted to progressive lenses with other centration systems have mostly been able to adapt by taking measurements using the visual axis and custom Inset parameters.

ergofocus featured in scientific study published in nature magazine

At Lentitech, we have known about this study for some time, but we have been waiting for it to be published to tell you about it.

It is an endorsement of all our visual axis-based centering systems (ergofocus and ergofocus plus).

The most important thing is that with these systems we can achieve more happy customers with a perfect view and for this measurement is a critical process.

And of course, we would like to congratulate the authors of this important study and the IOBA for this important achievement.

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