Lentitech sponsors the campaign “A nod to sustainability”.

As an innovative and sustainable company, Lentitech Technologies is committed to support and sponsor the initiative of the National College of Opticians-Optometrists “A nod to sustainability”.

Who is this campaign aimed at?

This campaign is aimed at all opticians-optometrists and its main objective is to raise awareness and sensitize professionals about the role we play in favor of a sustainable practice.

From Optica con poco establishments, we can do much more than you can imagine.

Campaign details

Each optician can request a free kit consisting of:

  • A round vinyl for the shop window.
  • A desktop display (and or showcase).
  • A guide for Opticians-Optometrists.

Environmental benefits of this campaign

In order to achieve a healthy environment, we can act on several fronts, among which the following stand out:

Collection of glasses and lenses

Collection of eyeglasses and lenses at optical health establishments for recycling or to help others in need.

Reduce paper consumption Don’t waste it!

Digitization helps us to avoid a lot of paper printouts, but also actions such as printing on both sides, using low consumption devices, avoiding paper bureaucratic procedures, etc.

Promoting recycling

In addition to the recycling of contact lenses and spectacles, we can also apply it to optical equipment. Before throwing something away, check the possibility that it can be recycled and used for other purposes or in other environments.

Energy and water savings

Avoid using non-toxic products as much as possible and if possible, recover the waste to be treated in safe circuits. If you haven’t already done so, switch to LED technology lighting, which reduces consumption by 75 to 80%. Using home automation with presence detectors will also help to increase efficiency and save money.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Check how you deliver the orders and/or how you ship them. Choose environmentally friendly packaging by minimizing what is not necessary.

Renewable energies

At the Lentitech plant, we will soon have solar panels that will allow us to reduce our ecological footprint and save energy in the long term. Consider if it is possible to do the same for your Optician’s shop.

Demand the same from your suppliers

We sometimes encounter shipments from suppliers with environmentally unfriendly packaging where plastics are rampant. Talk to them about your sustainability concerns.

How to get the free kit for your optician + information about this campaign?

You can do so through the website that has been created for this purpose. Just click on this button:

If you want to access online to the sustainability guide. Just click on this button:

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