Lentitech seeks to revolutionize Optics and Optometry

News published in the prestigious magazine “Estrategia empresarial” nº 664 (March 16-31, 2023) in its digital and paper versions.

The company Lentitech Technologies, based in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) and specialized in the development of advanced technologies in the field of optics and optometry, aims to revolutionize this segment, supported by its solutions for the centering of progressive lenses based on the visual axis and in the center of ocular rotation.

Lentitech will revolutionize the optical market and achieve sales of 10 million by 2025.

Lentitech, specializing in optical and optometry solutions, will enter the European, U.S. and Asian markets to boost its business to 10 million euros in three years.

The business plan of Lentitech Technologies, a company based in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) specialized in the development and marketing of advanced technological solutions in the field of optics and optometry, aims to reach a turnover of 10 million in three years, supported by its two developments for the centering of progressive lenses based on the visual axis and in the center of ocular rotation(ErgoREP), which represent “a real paradigm shift in the optical sector,” according to its executive vice-president, Juan Carlos Calvo.

Sixty percent of sales to reach this figure will be for export, “mainly to Europe and the United States”. Further ahead, the company’s internationalization strategy will focus on Asia Pacific, the third area of the world – next to those mentioned above – that will be most affected by the estimate that “demographic aging will cause 200 million people to suffer from presbyopia by 2025”.

In this regard, and taking into account that “customized lenses account for 34% of the global progressive lens market,” the company aims to achieve 10% share of this market segment in these territories by 2025.

To achieve this goal, the company will invest 1.5 million euros over a two-year period (to be completed in 2023) in the construction and refurbishment of a Data Center at its Barakaldo facilities, which will be operational this year, in computer applications, optical machines and instruments (such as an optical tracker, a phoropter, a retinograph, an ‘Optima Evolution’ beveler and a corneal topographer), as well as in molds, precision tools and other tooling to optimize its production.

Part of the investment will also be allocated to industrial property (IP) and patents because, as Villaverde points out, “it is vital for the survival of the business to patent its technological innovations and trademarks”.

Moreover, although it is “a very long, complex and expensive process”, it is a guarantee that “all technologies will be legally protected, at least for the next 20 years, against possible plagiarism by third party companies”, so for the time being Lentitech has already registered its industrial designs at the European Union level and in view of its incursion in the USA.

Optimal accuracy of Lentitech’s centering systems

The research and development of both products and technologies is “absolutely fundamental” for the company, given that “the entire project and commercial business is based on its own R&D&I”, says its president.

For this reason, Lentitech has invested in this area up to 2022 a figure corresponding to double its turnover.

At this point, it is currently working on the development and optimization of its latest innovation, the ErgoREP System, a novel system that allows the measurement of the eye’s center of rotation, a special point that plays a key role in the optimization of precision ophthalmic lenses.

On the other hand, the company has the ErgoFocus systemThe new system, for the precise measurement of the vision centers of each eye, both near and far, based on the visual axis of gaze, achieves perfect centering, up to five times more accurate than current measurement systems.

Lentitech, which has the capacity to produce 3,500 units of both systems annually, is poised to have 3,500 customers in the next five years. These mainly include ophthalmic lens manufacturers, ophthalmic technology laboratories and purchasing influence groups, which usually have at least one hundred optical centers.

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